Prime Movers Operating Daily in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA & NT

The team at Let’s Move It operates up to 15 prime movers and have trusted relationships with carriers country-wide making us your first choice for all your freight transportation needs. Our experts are here to help.

Equipment available consists of:

- Open Semi Trailers 
- Drop Deck Trailers
- Tri Axle Low Low Loaders
- Quad Low Loaders
- 3x8 to 5x8 Low Loaders
- Tilt Trays
- Pilot Vehicles

We handle all the logistics with honesty and integrity

Let’s Move It won’t worry you with the usual arguments and headaches associated with larger logistics companies. Let’s Move It isn’t a faceless corporation – we’re a small, close knit team ensuring honesty, reliability and professionalism. Our promise is to stand by you throughout the entire process without keeping you in the dark.

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